Information At Your Fingertips

Lawsyst gives you complete peace of mind through providing effective solutions. From time tracking, streamlined billing, email integration to managing cases, clients, documents, calendars, reporting, and accounting all the information will be available at your fingertips.

Industry Focused Solutions

Lawsyst focuses on the unique needs of law practitioners and law firms. Our practice management software brings law firms efficient case management, contact management, billing and invoicing, automated work flow, integrated phone system and trusted business intelligence. Lawsyst will focus on running your business systems while you focus on your core objectives.

Integrated Unified Communication

Communication plays an important role in building client relationship. With our integrated phone system you can never miss a call from your clients. Our integrated phone system helps you record accurate length of time you spend talking to your clients.

Keep Data Safe Inside And Out

Lawsyst keeps all your data in one place safe and secure in the cloud. It includes built-in firewall along with user level access control. Your data is encrypted during transfer and storage to ensure that they are protected from loss or theft.