We have left 2020 with unforgettable memories. And Of course, when we talk about organizations, they have experienced new challenges where remote working has evolved in several ways. With this evolvement, people have enjoyed and encouraged the convenient usage of CRM software. These uniquely designed CRM software for legal practitioners are unlike the usual ones available in the market. They have served optimum resilience by allowing people to use it without any hassle. Not that only, but after the lockdown situation tech veterans have added more updated features to embrace the facility of the software system. So, if you are looking for ways to improve the productivity and performance of the attorneys at your law firm than latest CRM and lead management software system are perfect for you to install. And here are some pro tips that proves how a CRM software is all set to boost your performance and establish a better bond with the clients.

Account maintenance

With excellent account maintenance features in CRM and lead management software, you can perform routine accounts operations without any glitches. The system is pretty responsive and easy to understand that allows you to even manage your bank account details, operations, payables, receivables by streamlining the cash flow.

Seamless interaction

Interaction has become easier with mobile technology however, with the CRM software solution, telecommunication is updates. From internal communication to external chats and reporting, things have become resilient. Now lawyers can simply handle cases remotely by communicating with the clients through modern interaction features in the CRM software.

Paperless Database

Paperless database is more effective and easy to maintain. So, for lawyer, it is ideal to handle database with modern software solution. It is an excellent and time-effective solution that enable clients to keep a track on their records by improving their communication with the attorneys. And similar to that, law firms can simply maintain database.

Communicate externally seamlessly and securely

When your team is working remotely, effective client communication is key. Your clients and potential clients need to be able to reach out to your firm and receive answers to their questions in a timely manner, and in a format that works for their needs. It will matter little to clients that your firm’s employees are working remotely and thus are unable to access the necessary communications tools.   That’s why you need to put into place technologies that will facilitate communication from any location, regardless of the circumstances. The top tools your firm will need as you start the new year include VOIP (voice over internet protocol) phone systems, online intake tools, secure client communication portals, and 2-way text messaging that’s built into your law firm’s law practice management software. With these tools in place, your firm’s external communications will run smoothly no matter where your employees are located.

Communicate and collaborate internally

Of course, internal communication is just as important as external communication when your firm’s workforce is dispersed. Your firm’s employees need to be able to quickly and easily communicate with each other whether they’re working in the office or from home. In 2021, email alone simply doesn’t cut it; your firm’s employees need multiple ways to communicate and collaborate remotely in order to work effectively and efficiently. This is because some communications might warrant an email or a phone call, while others are simple enough that a quick message is all that’s needed.   That’s why your firm needs to provide its employees with a variety of ways to communicate online – and if those methods of communication are built into one software program, all the better! Some of the key internal communication tools your firm should implement include law firm direct messages, internal chat that is ideally built into your law practice management software, and videoconferencing.

Complete the transition to a paperless office

In recent years, courts in many jurisdictions have begun the transition to e-filing for court documents, and the pandemic has accelerated this trend. As a result, some law firms have already started transitioning to a paperless office by investing in hardware and software designed to facilitate this process, from copy machines with built-in scanners to online document storage. However, when law firms shifted to remote work due to the pandemic, some of these tools, such as the large copy machines, remained in the office and were unavailable to law firm employees when working from home. That’s why I strongly recommend that if your firm hasn’t already purchased desktop scanners for key employees, that you do so immediately. That way, should your firm be required to work remotely at any point during 2021, those smaller scanners can easily be transported to the homes of the employees who will need them.
Similarly, if your firm has not yet invested in document management or law practice management software, now’s the time to do so. This type of software makes it easy to store and quickly access law firm documents from any computer. Simply log in, upload a document, and associate it with the appropriate matter. From there it’s easily accessible by law firm employees and clients to whom you’ve granted access, and can easily be e-filed with the courts as well. Set up online billing and payment processing Last, but not least, contactless billing and payment processing systems are a must in 2021. After all, your firm needs to get paid, regardless of where your employees are working. And once you set up online billing and payment processing tools, it won’t matter where your employees are located; all invoices and payments will be processed through a single log in. In order to make this happen, you’ll need to invest in online legal billing software, online payment processing software, or a law practice management system that has all of these tools built right into it. That way, your firm’s employees can access the software from any computer, send invoices with the click of a button, and your clients can then instantly pay invoices via credit or debit card by clicking on a payment link.