Legal Case Management Software For Personal Injury Law Attorneys

Lawsyst is an all in one personal injury cases management solution for personal injury law lawyers, attorneys, law firms and practitioners. Lawsyst is specifically created for personal injury law attorneys. Now you can Schedule meetings with clients or opposing counsel, manage your documents online, and send invoices to your clients – all in one place.

7 Key Features of Personal Injury Law Software:

  • Time Tracking
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Invoice & Billing
  • Accounting
  • Case Management
  • Calendar
  • Ease of use

A Complete Personal Injury Law Case Management Solution Will Help You In The Long Run.

Rich-Features In A Single Package

With solid law practice at its core, Lawsyst delivers fully-integrated law practice management features in a single package.

End-to-End Industry Best Practice

Lawsyst automated workflow and data integration such as case and contact management, time tracking, invoicing & billing, CRM & lead management facilities delivers optimal end-to-end law practice solutions.

Immediate Access To Case Details

At any moment in time you have complete access to all the data related to case management. Lawsyst’s mobility features provide you access to the information anywhere, anytime.

Increase ROI

Lawsyst personal injury law software makes work easier and efficient for law practitioners and attorneys. Its rich-integrated features help to improve the performance and increases ROI

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I back up and export my data out of Lawsyst?

Lawsyst supports data portability and furthermore, it also has a unique interface to export all your practice data for migration or backup purposes. Any information you store on lawsyst is saved on our server and is completely secured with security encryption.

Is Lawsyst secure?

Yes, absolutely. Lawsyst entire data whether of your clients or of your practice are completely stored on its own server and no third party can access it. We regularly make updates to lawsyst features to make sure that the security encryption is up to date and obsolete features are removed.

Can I cancel at any time?

Of course, any time. Lawsyst initially provides a free demo to its every client. Once the free demo is completed and the client starts using the package they prefer, they can discontinue the membership at any time of the year. However, there are no refunds to the yearly plan.

How often are new features added to Lawsyst?

Once in every month, we do a complete audit of our practice management system, review all of our client’s feedback, suggestions. Once we do a complete analysis of everything we go for updating our practice management system with the new features for better usability of our clients.

If there’s anything we haven’t covered here or you have any specific questions about your account, just let us know and we’ll be happy to answer them:

If you’re not a customer yet but curious about our plans, contact us.