How to stay ahead of your time tracking records?

As the days goes by, we wonder how extravagantly technology is evolving. From performing multiple tasks in a day to get everything done in just few clicks, advanced tools have led us to reap optimum satisfaction. However, if you are thinking all this can be done by functioning through a single platform then you might need to be more specific whilst choosing the right one. So, in order to get the right time management tool with excellent CRM features, you can simply switch to Lawsyst. It is a highly integrated platform that offers premium features. Do you wonder how? Well, with brilliant CRM/time management software on your side, you get to focus more on both internal and external activities. Now let’s explore a few ways that CRM Software solves time management challenges:

CRM – the perfect team logbook

Staying organized with a bunch of tasks can become daunting but with an effective time management tool it becomes easier for you to make sure everyone’s schedules are in sync, all tasks are perfectly carried out and employees are making the most out of their time. Along with that, CRM team logbook allows you to store all the relevant details that are required to get your task done within the time allowed.


Now make your day to day reporting easier than ever. With efficient CRM software, it’s now easier to report to your superior authorities or clients. You can also align your tasks based on their priority. From handling the urgent ones quickly to leaving the pending ones, an advanced CRM software platform makes it all easy for you. It comes with user-friendly features that allow you to send a task report directly to your inbox so that you know exactly what your task is for the day. And once you know that, you can complete that, raise questions in it or speak to the client if you find any query. It even makes client handling much easier. An effective CRM system is designed to help a business reach its sales goals and manage its customer service. Let’s dig deeper into the important facts why one should use CRM software to manage operations without any hassle.

Revenue opportunities

With this high-end technology by your side, the revenue opportunity will also rise. The CRM software comes with top notch features that makes it easier for you to make timely deliveries, stay on top of your skills and garner more attention from your potential clients. Also, by completing all of your endeavours by meeting your client’s requirements you can explore new revenue opportunities.

CRM – an expert legal case management software

A lot of us have wondered how invaluable a CRM management system could be. But with the advancements in the digital world, it has proved us all wrong. The modern CRM is undeniably turning out to be the most efficient and effective legal management system that is helping both clients and attorneys. It is allowing law firms to manage their client relationships and cases by simplifying the mode of communication. Not only that, but team collaboration can also be done in a better way.

What is a CRM?

A CRM tool lets you store customer and prospect contact information, identify sales opportunities, record service issues, and manage marketing campaigns.

Why do Lawyers need a CRM?

CRM software being a powerful tool for businesses allows lawyers to easily communicate and facilitate clients with their relevant services. CRM software can be customized for your business which makes it even more functional. Especially when you are performing remote functions. An effective CRM system is designed to help a business reach its sales goals and manage its customer service. Let’s dig deeper into the important facts why one should use CRM software to manage operations without any hassle.

Client Database

To succeed at a law firm, you need to work on your tactics by managing and updating your client’s database. An unparalleled CRM software can help you with these processes.

Lead capture and lead management

A good CRM will have a lead-capture and lead-management feature. You need to be able to smoothly capture contact information and keep track of who you need to follow up with and who you need to refer to other members of your team or to other partners in your firm.

Manage your clients

Managing your clients is not an easy task especially when you have a lot of them. The process is more stressful when it comes to the documentation. However, with an efficient tool like CRM, account handling and dealing with your targeted clients gets easier.

Track your sales process

Do you want to help your team of lawyers to track your sales process in one go? Try the dynamic CRM software that helps you establish and manage a sales pipeline. The software even boosts your performance by enabling you to identify your potential clients and detect malicious sales threats.

Better communication

From keeping track on your projects to allowing both internal and external communication, a cutting edge CRM software helps keep everyone connected. You can more simply interact with a huge network of clientele.

Better management

Managing your team of staff can become very daunting. Especially when you want to measure their productivity and evaluate their performance. This even gets more difficult when you are dealing with a number of lawyers in your team with a lot of tasks. So, if you want to manage your team of attorneys then a highly operational CRM software is all that you need.